I.T. Maintenance

T-Plus offers professional, worry-free and vendor independent IT maintenance services, with different plans tailored to your business’ requirements. Enjoy discounts for successful referrals.

Our IT maintenance agreement works as follows:

T-Plus consultant will visit your office weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your selected IT maintenance plan and perform the following tasks:

  • Check the status of the antivirus system
  • Check the status of the data backup system
  • Analyze events in the server’s system logs and take the appropriate action
  • Perform general server maintenance:
    • Clean up the server file system
    • Perform disk space and condition checks
    • Ensure the appropriate services are running properly
    • Test internet and remote access connectivity
  • Provide general user support for problems that may have arisen since the last visit. If this task exceeds 3 hours, it may be continued to be billed at an hourly rate

After each visit, the management will be given a detailed report of the visit which includes important issues that need action.

In addition once a month, depending on the chosen IT maintenance plan, our consultant will perform the following tasks:

  • Restart the servers
  • Check the RAID controller for consistency and proper functioning
  • Test the backup system by performing a restore operation
  • Review shared resources security
  • Archive and clear system logs
  • Audit user mailbox sizes
  • Review the IT system state with management

Emergency on call support

Included in the weekly and bi-weekly maintenance plan is the emergency on call support service.

In an emergency T-Plus will respond within 4 hours (business hours – Monday till Friday, 09:00 – 17:00) to address the following problems:

  • Server problems affecting multiple users
  • Network problems affecting multiple workstations’ connectivity to network resources and/or the Internet
  • Email not being sent or received

Emergency on call support does not cover problems affecting a single user.

Maintenance Plans

Our weekly maintenance plan includes both remote and on-site on call support. Our bi-weekly plan includes remote on call support only.

Our monthly IT maintenance plan does not include any on call support, it is billed separately at an hourly rate.


All our IT maintenance agreements are signed for a period of one year and can be terminated with a minimum one month’s notice.

Available plans and cost
Plan Visit frequency On call support Monthly fee(*)
A Weekly On-site and remote HKD 4,000
B Bi-Weekly Remote support only HKD 2,500
C Monthly Not included HKD 1,500

*Our IT maintenance service plans cover up to three servers (remote or local) and up to 20 workstations. Coverage of extra equipment can be discussed on an individual basis. Please contact us for more information.

Out of scope rates

IT consultancy that falls outside of an IT maintenance agreement is billed at the following rates. One hour is added for transport compensation if the support requires an on-site visit.

Rate type Fee
Hourly HKD 500